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Culture is everywhere. Culture is language, art, customs, social institutions, traditions, etc. It drives our day to day lives, so why not integrate humanitarianism with it?

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Bringing you stories through our FREE digital column, '411 Humanity,' a podcast 'The Humanitarian Effect,' and web series (coming soon). 


Middle Eastern Food


Did you know food brings people together? Be a good humanitarian and spice up your pallet by checking out these specially curated recipes from our friends around the world.




Did you know being socially conscious can be fun? If you answered no, we got you. Socially Immersed takes FUN events we are all aware of, and adds a social conscious to it for all ages. (Paused due to COVID) 

Image by Sara Kurfeß


Is there a social issue you care about that you want to share with your social media audience(s)? We got you. Become an Ambassador. 

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