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Volunteering with Organizations

Small organizations, particularly those owned by people of color, often have only one employee - the founder. While the founder works full-time for the organization, they are often not paid a full-time salary, forcing them to take on additional work. Finding volunteers to assist with strategic and technical tasks can be challenging, but we believe that by providing such support, these organizations can achieve greater sustainability.


Why won't the organizations apply for grants? For those who know how to, they try; however, there isn't much regulation on ensuring funds are disbursed to well deserving organizations.  In addition, despite the amount of money taken in by foundations, they are only required to give away 5% annually. 


We have compiled a list of organizations across the world needing your help to grow. The following organizations are not affiliated with Socially Immersed, and if you feel something illegal or corrupt is occurring, let us know so we can remove them from our site.

*For the record, volunteering is not tax deductible. However, individuals, businesses, or organizations that provide professional services such as accounting or legal services that meet the criteria set by the IRS may be able to, as it is considered "pro bono" work. Check with your tax person.

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