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Re-Occurring Community Events

Non-Profit Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility

We specialize in:

Want to help a collective of individuals through outreach? We believe programs should be developed based on need. They should undergo community surveying, market, and general research before transitioning out of the idea phase. Programs should either address the root issue, or a hole in pre-existing systemic to fix the issue. Program development may call on new partnerships, lesser or greater funding than expected, and other hiccups many fail to anticipate.

Let us make it easy for you in a personal, impactful way.


Program Auditing

Current program(s) not performing like you intended? Are funds being used efficiently? Are your stakeholders upset? Do you have strong metrics? Do you know where the problem exists in your operations?


Let us figure out what's preventing you from maximizing impact.


COVID has forced teams to work virtually. From struggling project management methods to lack of organization, we can help your team with their needs. You can't be impactful if you aren't organized and efficient.

Let us know your concerns.

Market Research

Do you have an idea that needs confirmation or support from research? Need assistance deciding what 'thing' you will create? Not sure who else is executing your idea in your city or state? 


Let us help you get started on your impactful journey.

We work in various formats

If we don't believe in one-size fit all solutions, why would we handle our work in that way? You know what level of help you or your team needs. Let us know which you prefer.


Contact us with details about your needs so we can get on a free introductory call. We want to ensure that we can create a plan that not only aligns with your objectives, but gets the approval of your audience and stakeholders. 

1 hr Consultation

Whether you are in the idea phase or want confirmation, bring your thoughts to a virtual call.

Do it WITH you

From beginning of a project to 3 months post implementation, we assist your team throughout it all.

Request a Checklist

Have the will to do it yourself if you had the to-do list? Let us know your idea and we will send you a checklist.

Brain Picking Session

Have the idea but need guidance on next steps? Grab your pen and let's get to work for 3 hours. 

Do it FOR you

Want it done but lack the time? Let us bring your idea to life. We give it back when it is implementation ready.

Work In Person 

Need assistance in person? We understand. You can request us for as many days as you'd like.

Sit on a NPO Board

Do you have capacity for a long term commitment and great leadership skills? Many nonprofits FAIL because they lack the backing of strong board members. Request a list of organizations in need today.

"Board members are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission."

- National Council of Nonprofits

A couple at a business meeting

We've worked with...

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