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Socially Immersed Academy 

We believe that everyone should be equipped with the multidisciplinary learning opportunities needed to be successful in business, academia, and personal life.

Socially Immersed Academy provides students with the opportunities to learn from professionals around the world through pre-recorded live sessions across a variety of subjects. The courses we provide are designed to aid students in succeeding post high school and support ongoing professional development.

What We Offer:


Project-based Learning

Material that is State Standards aligned 

Straight to the Point Learning

Equal Opportunity by Unpacking Biases

Material compatible with all Learning Styles

Broken Down Microaggressions

Indirect College Prep

Exposure to Different Industries

Cultural Competency Training

Enhanced Decision Making and Critical Thinking Abilities

Our Teachers: 

With our online format, we have the privilege to access educators from all around the world across various industries. This allows students not only learn about the subject matter, but also have real cultural interactions with our diverse educators while engaging in global learning opportunities.


A few of their roles include: Executive Director, Marketing Director, Professor, Content Director, Graphic Designer, Director of Urban Planning, Program Developer, Biologist, Soil Specialist, Travel Enthusiast, and many more.

'The Immerser' Course

A 10 week Self-Paced Guided Course 

*recommended for ages 13-21

Coming Nov 2020

The Immerser is a course dedicated to exposing participants to the myriad of different career options that are available to them. We understand that many graduate and attend college uncertain of what they want to do, and that many find themselves seeking a career change, but are unsure of where to start. Our hope is that through The Immerser such individuals can unlock their passion and feel prepared for whatever decisions they make. We also hope to shed light on whether or not college is necessary, in order to give everyone the insight they need to take control of their future.  

Weekly Course Topics:


Cooking/ Nutrition

Culture/ Travel

Art (all mediums)

Environment & Sustainability 1 

Environment & Sustainability 2

Business/ Nonprofit


Career Development

Life Skills


Project Examples:

Creating a marketing campaign for your favorite brand

Creating a meal and listing 3 nutritional benefits

Researching the national minimum wage and figuring out how many hours you would have to work to cover all the bills for your current household

Recording a video implementing some of the new cultural dances you learned this week

Designing a magazine cover 

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Content Ambassador

    Every month
    Support our video production work.
    • Gratefulness from the team

There are no additional expenses other than the one-time payment below, or the 3 month payment plan. We have attempted to make this course as inexpensive as possible because we genuinely want to provide everyone with the access to a quality educational experience. Remember, this is an investment.

We want to offer scholarships to those unable to afford the course.  For $85 you can sponsor one student. To donate a price of your choice, please use the button below titled “Donate Amount of Choice.” To get on the list to receive a scholarship, select the “Get on the Waiting List” button below.

For Education Entities

If you are a school, school district, home school program, or nonprofit who wants to use our course please email us at to request a demo and receive a quote. We can also extend the course length.

If a question was not answered, please send a email to

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