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Humanitarianism is typically associated with aid, however Humanitarians are people who promote world peace, help those in need, and work to create a more equitable society. 

Socially Immersed LLC was formed in Austin, Texas, in December 2019 to spread humanitarianism by focusing on "creating a more equitable societythrough every industry by activating individuals across the world. After all, the social sector is not as productive as it should be.


Due to the global impact of COVID-19, which halted the world and disrupted our plans, Socially Immersed unintentionally transitioned into a boutique consulting firm. While we have thoroughly enjoyed working with every business, going forward, we will be selectively accepting projects on a case-by-case basis.


As of June 2023, Socially Immersed is undergoing a transformation into a community-first model. Our primary focus is to equip individuals in transitioning from a state of hopelessness to taking action. 

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Socially Immersed at a Glance

Nov. 2019

Socially Immersed was formed.

March 2020

COVID19 shut it all down.

June 2020

Socially Immersed launched an investigative series called 411 Humanity and a Podcast called the Humanitarian Effect. Our six episodes were heard across 18 countries. 

Jan 2021

Socially Immersed began consulting nonprofits and small businesses traditionally and creatively around impactful programming.

March 2021

Socially Immersed films the first episodes of Cook and Consider.

Fall 2021

The Project Guru Planner vol 1. launches. 

Dec 2021

Socially Immersed launched the POC Literacy Drive, getting individuals involved with purchasing books written by POC for foster youth across America. 

March 2022

Sand Branch task force grows to a national team that included a science lab.

Aug 2022

Sand Branch task force is discontinued. The project is in the hands of local activist. 

Jan 2023

Cook and Consider returns.

Socially Immersed co-hosted a global Changemakers conference.

March 2023

Montopolis Gleaning Project begins to advance food justice in Austin, Texas. 

Feb 2020

The Alternative Fashion show set to take SXSW in Austin, TX.

April 2020

Socially Immersed University, a FREE online school for grades 6-12, launched due to Spring Break delays.


Oct 2020

Socially Immersed learned about the water issues within Dallas County. This was the start of the Sand Branch task force.

Feb 2021

"A Day of Self Love" Mental Health Program launched for low income and foster youth.

Summer 2021

Socially Immersed donated 200 consulting hours to Founders of Color to combat disparities POC face.

August 2021

Socially Immersed is apart of a short film about ecological devastations in black neighborhoods. 

Feb 2022

Socially Immersed started consulting globally.

May 2022

Socially Immersed started working on the idea of a new centralized engagement platform for communities to thrive more effectively.

Dec 2022

Socially Immersed helped 42 undergraduate and graduate students through experiential learning Be the Humanitarian.

Feb 2023

The Project Guru Planner was revived and edited. 

To be continued...

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