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Explore a glimpse of past projects, showcasing our expertise and success stories. We have experience curating solutions in the political, cultural, and social space. Please note that due to confidentiality agreements, some closed and open contracts may not be disclosed. Contact us if you are curious about becoming a client. We love challenges!


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01) Water as a Right, Sand Branch, TX

filtered well.jpeg

Problem: Sand Branch, Texas, a small unincorporated community in Dallas County, faced longstanding water issues, overlooked and marginalized despite decades of struggle.

Solution: We rekindled momentum and advocated for justice, honoring the legacy of grassroots organizer Pastor K. We created a dedicated task force, including master's and Ph.D. students who initiated a comprehensive investigation. We conducted extensive research involved virtual and in-person efforts, reaching out to the community, exercising FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) rights, and connecting with previous organizations involved. Committed to transparency, we informed residents through hand-delivered letters with contact information.

Expanding our impact, we revitalized the nonprofit alliance, organized water testing with Texas A&M and UT San Antonio. Collaborating with urban planners across Texas and Community Housing Expansion of Austin, we charted pathways to empower the community and explore new solutions all while trying to prevent gentrification.

Advocacy efforts revealed transparency issues in a grant-winning team. Community-led response emerged causing the questioning of grant fund usage, leading to calls for dismantling the team and returning the money. Weeks later hydro-panels were provided to test for immediate relief for drinking and cooking water needs.


Though the battle continues, presently, the community has members taking leadership roles to actively shape their future. They are engaging with the EPA, TWDB, USDA, and more to legally obtain clean water for themselves. 

*Unfortunately this is a common issue around the United States.

02) Cook and Consider

Problem: As humans, we struggle to listen to one another. How can help combat this issue using media?

Solution: In partnership with a University film department, we created a concept leveraging the universal love for food to spark deep conversations among strangers. We then worked with the client's team to source, cast, and execute pre-production, production, and post-production. By breaking bread together, and fostering active listening, we created a safe space for people to open up and connect.

Untitled_Artwork 2-2_edited.png

03) The School Crash


Problem: COVID brought the world to a halt.

Solution: Acknowledging the insufficient resources for parents during prolonged school closures, we took proactive measures to develop an interactive online learning program. Executed in collaboration with those affected by layoffs, this initiative reached students across 39 states and three countries. It offered a diverse range of courses, including business, graphic design, and more, to keep students engaged during challenging times. The entire planning and execution process took only two weeks.

04) The Alternative

Problem: Consumerism is enabling the flourishing of fast fashion, causing environmental harm.

Solution: We undertook the planning and logistics to curate an interactive fashion experience that not only educated but also demonstrated alternative shopping methods. The conscious shopping tracks encompassed thrifting, upcycling, and trash fashion. Moreover, the experience advocated for supporting local businesses, regardless of the city in which it was replicated. The next iteration includes bringing tech into the equation to simplify a customer's buying experience.

Alternative Image.jpg

05) "I want to read and I want to read NOW"

Colorful Books

Problem: Limited access to free reading opportunities due to the challenges posed by COVID.

Solution: Collaborated with a client to mobilize volunteers in constructing portable libraries, addressing the issue of restricted access to reading materials during library closures. Simultaneously, our efforts spotlighted the lack of diversity in children's literature. To enhance impact, we leveraged social media to amplify voices advocating for diversity, resulting in a nationwide initiative where bystanders purchased books authored by BIPOC writers for children in foster homes during the holiday season. Furthermore, the initiative rescued hundreds of books from potential disposal.

06) The Project Guru Planner

Problem: Nonprofit founders and aspiring change-makers were requesting consulting hours on the same beginner topics.

Solution: We developed a product that guides this ideal customer through their processes and keeps up with the demand. Not only do they save money, but this way once ready, they can work with a consultant more effectively. 

The Project Guru Cover (1).jpg
  • Created fellowship programs 

  • Planned and executed conferences 

  • Created CSR programs 

  • Launch new social enterprises 

  • Led Workshops

  • Led large scale community engagement techniques 

  • Expanded food equity initiatives 

  • Led Impact Investing Initiatives 

  • Consulted on tech for good

07) Some other things we've done for clients...

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