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As humans, we all struggle to connect with one another. That's why we believe that being a humanitarian means being human first. And what better way to bring people together than through the power of food? Our unique concept leverages the universal love for food to spark deep conversations among strangers. By breaking bread together, and fostering active listening, we create a safe space for people to open up and connect on a deeper level. You can watch our concept come to life this fall on our YouTube channel and experience it live.

What People Said...


"I am grateful for this sensory experience and will go look deeper into the organization dealing with high school youth that was mentioned so we can see how the university can support them."

Food Photography

“This was very fun. There were many views I didn't think about, and I appreciate being distracted by cooking this delicious meal because it made the conversation way less tense.”

Citrus Fruits

"I had an amazing experience. The event was so much fun and I was pleasantly surprised tbh. There were fresh perspectives brought to the table, and I loved the  hands on sensory activity.


We believe that every topic is important, and we welcome all discussions because we recognize that we must first have conversations to connect and begin solving problems.

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Casting applications for the next few episodes will open in a few weeks. The city we will film in will be announced soon.

Family Dinner

Bring Cook and Consider to your Audience

  • Custom Episodes tailored to your brand

  • Private Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Community Events

  • Workshops

  • Dinners

  • Retreats

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  • Festivals

*A kitchen on the premises is not required to have an experience.

We work with:

  • Companies of all sizes

  • Chefs

  • Organizations

  • Individuals

  • Barista's

  • Wineries

  • Hotels

  • Independent Venues

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