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We believe everyone has the right to be equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in life.

Socially Immersed University is a free initiative where we bring at least 1 class taught by a professional in the United States on Saturdays. Most of the classes will be geared towards ages 14-23, however we have something for everyone, including you mom and dad. All we ask if for you to subscribe to the Socially Immersed YouTube channel to catch all action. Every S.I.U. session will be saved to the channel so you can play it back on your own time. Click here to subscribe. Watched all our content? Visit our Pinterest for more ideas. Want you or your youth to experience a more guided type of instruction? Check out our Immerser course.

If you feel you could lead a session on any of the topics below, please fill out the form below. After you fill out the form, we will contact you with next steps. If there is something you want to teach that is not listed, still reach out so we can make it work! Want to recommend a organization who should be involved? Email us. After all, we believe in collaboration not competition.



We understand you are having to switch to digital events. We know it is a lot of work to host events daily or even weekly. For every free event you have, add it to your Google Calendar and invite us using so we can compute one giant calendar. 



Some Desired Topics

1. Nutrition

  • Healthy Cooking Class

  • Diseases caused by food

2. Home Fitness

3. Civic Engagement 

4. Coding

5. Career Development

6. College Readiness

7. Financial literacy 

8. Business 101 (All businesses are welcomed)

9. Culture Exploration (All cultures)

10. Do It Yourself Projects 

11. Public Speaking

12. Social Justice ​101

13. Basic Life Skills/ Adulting 101

14. Correcting Stereotypes 101

15. Advice Q&A

16. Art (All mediums)

17. Self Defense 

18. Handyman/Handywoman 101

19. Environment Education

20. Re-purpose 101

S.I. University Session Leader Volunteer Form

Want to lead a session for the future world changers? Fill out the form below to get started with us today! We will work around your flexibility, so even if you can only do once every three months, still inquire with us. Can only do once a year? That is fine, consider this your ''jury duty.''

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